WSL 2 and docker compose

With the arrival of WSL 2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux), I thought it was a good time to learn more about this technology. I am surprised at the possibilities this offers. So let’s dive into this and use WSL 2 and Docker-Compose to fire up some containers to present sensor data in a Grafana dashboard.

Leverage the power of Azure

Combine the power of azure functions within PowerAutomate for unprecedented possibilities.

Power Automate

Create a PDF file from a SharePoint list item using the no-code Microsoft Power Automate Platform.


In this post I will do a write-up of my current project: having fun with LoRaWAN.


Want to get started developing AngularJS / TypeScript applications using Visual Studio Code? In this blogpost I will show you how to get started in less time than a coffee break.

Home automation explained

In this post I will explain how you can create your home automation system using a simple Raspberry Pi.

Controlling a VFD with an ESP8266

In this project I have build an information-display using an ESP8266 to control a Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).

PowerShell security measures you should know about

I use PowerShell a lot to make life easier as a developer. Also for system administrators PowerShell can be a great solution for various tasks. There are little things that cannot be done using PowerShell when you would compare it to for example an executable file. Microsoft made some security measures to protect you from running any malicious PowerShell scripts and in this article I will summarise the information I found regarding this topic.

Migrating large corporate SharePoint intranets

SharePoint listdata generator

Testing your application with large numbers of data is important but sadly often forgotten. SharePoint is no exception to this rule.

AZ-900 exam preparations

In December 2019 I have passed the AZ-900 Exam. Here are some tips that I like to share.

Ignite 2019

I have attended the 2019 Microsoft Ignite conference located in Orlando, Florida. And here are the top sessions I have seen.

Inspect SharePoint list columns

This is a PowerShell script (op-prem) I use a lot to inspect SharePoint list columns.